Monday, March 29, 2010

Im Rollin and I Got Stones Call Me Mick Jagger

The Official
Pharrell x Moncler Vest
Its pretty DOPE I think Pharrell made something that
even 50cent would rock..... maybe not.....

PS. Ive been recording some new stuff cant wait for yall to hear it
if you haven't heard the old stuff let me kno and i'll make sure you get that :D


Jordan T. Dilwood said...

Can you say DOPE! love the post check me out and follow if you can i will return the fav

Thee Auzenne said...

SHUTTUP!! Pharrell did these??? Where is he? I'm calling him. AHA

2 fresh.

Susanna R said...

Awesome blog, and awesome styles! Must follow :)