Monday, April 5, 2010

Never Down For The Count

Once again A Bathing Ape presents their
Bapesta Pro-Wrestling event for 2010.
For the occasion they also present an event t-shirt.
The event takes place on May 7th and the tee will be released at the

Check Out The Flyer

Side Bar 

Check Out The Big Hommie Don C's Supa Duper
POW Ambush Chain.


MalibuMara said...

that is a big pow necklace,
and baby don is the freshestt baby ever born. until we have our children of course :)

Beauty Is Diverse said...

I like the shirt and necklace.

in the life of spud said...

decent shirt and pow necklace check out the blog if likes follow

OooKellyNicky said...

Whoa!! Awesome chain. I want it now. It's soooo retro-fab!!

Spacey TEE said...

im so n ambush jewlery right now.. ive justbeen ordering from them like CRAZY!! lol.. love the poast and the blog.. im following.. follow back?



Jordan T. Dilwood said...

that pow necklace is crazy!! hey i wanted to know what brand makes that lego brooch you have in your profile pic

Morgan said...

i aint even have to go all the way down ya page to realize i was gonna loveee your blog*

(( im followin ))

check me out:

TOXiC said...

Ah-Waddup, I honored you on my blog check it out wen eva u get da chance.


Nells said...

how cool can this blog be????????

Marina e Camilla said...

Your blog is really cool... Love it! *_*

roni said...

not really a fan but some love it.