Monday, November 30, 2009

Does He Live In A Pineapple?

Sponge Bob Figure by Karl Lagerfeld

This is dope considering sponge bob is one of my
favorite cartoons and Mr. Lagerfeld is one of

But Wait There Is More

Nike RED Launch (lace up save lives)

Today Nike launched their new Nike Red campaign in London
together with some of the world’s most prominent soccer players
The first product to be introduced are NIKE RED laces.
The laces are specifically designed for soccer kicks.
But anyone can wear them.

This Has Been Your Daily Supply of FRESH


MalibuMara said...

i <3 this!
i admit i do like Karl. lol

JustNorman said...

LMAO that looks just like him.
the blog that no one knows about.

NanceeTheDreamer said...

what does the red laces go towards for the campaign?!